3 Social Media Tips for the Holidays

’tis the season.

If you’re trying to catch the eye of potential or existing customers this holiday season, spending more on social media ads and boosts is probably in your plans. Right? You have a strategic plan in place to make sure you hit all of those holiday targets like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. Still, if you feel there’s more you can do, try some of my favorite social media tips for this holiday season.

3 Ways to Boost Your Social Media for the Holidays

1. Listen to your followers

Your followers will tell you what they are looking for this year. While they may not have been into your store or place of business to make a wishlist, it’s out there. Pay attention to where your audiences are living and what hashtags they are using. Scan a few accounts to see if there is a pattern and then follow those to get a better idea of what your market cares about or what items they are posting and searching for. You also might try using some of those key hashtags in your own Instagram posts to help boost your exposure and engagement.

2. Avoid the Sales Pitch

Your regular customers already know what you’re about, so trying to sell them on something extra this season may not bode well for your business. If they have a need, they know where to find you. Instead, shift the tone of your content to reflect your company as a resource rather than trying to sell consumers a product. Focusing on providing great customer service or solving your client’s problems is good practice year round, but could be the deal breaker for a potentially new client purchasing from your this holiday season. A hard sales pitch can easily turn someone away, giving off the impression that you’re just in it to make money and don’t care about them as a customer.

3. Be a Team Player

What this means is that you should try posting pictures of your employees hard at work. They are, after all, Santa’s little helpers this time of year. Creating an image that focuses on your employees and the people that actually make your business run will entice new or current customers to revisit your store. Building that customer relationship now can only benefit you in the future. People tend to shop with a purpose and emotions this time of year, so give them an experience that they’ll remember for future events in their lives. What brought them in might be a friendly staff photo, but what keeps them coming back is a memorable experience.

For more tips and social media advice, contact me for a strategy session. I’ll look over your sites, audit them, and see where improvements can be made. Having the best holiday social media strategy can help boost your engagement and social media footprint. Don’t be caught out in the cold this holiday season! I can help.


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