Presidential debate…and some Monday night football game

Monday night. It would normally mean Monday Night Football in September. But there was another type of game occurring that ‘Trump-ed’ the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints games on Sept. 26.

The first 2016 Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a battle to say the least. Falcons, who? Saints, who? It was estimated that more than 100 millions viewers would be tuning into the debate and only about 10 million into Monday Night Football on ESPN. I personally wish I would have tuned into the game. It may have been less of a blood bath than the debate.

In pure Donald fashion, Trump quickly became angry and argued like a child by interrupting Clinton during the debate concerning jobs and the economy. Clinton laid our her plan by talking about taxes on the wealthy and tax cuts for the middle class as well as the small businesses. Trump simply yelled about how other countries were taking our jobs and how we have to get them back, but not once did he give an exact plan on how he would bring those jobs back.

And Lester Holt?


Holt, the anchor for NBC Nightly News seemed to just let both candidates run wild and free for much of the debate. Trump interrupted Clinton constantly. Trump interrupted Holt himself. Twitter blew up wondering where Holt might have run off to because it seemed that he vacated the moderator’s desk. Needless to say, it was like watching a sporting event where the refs weren’t calling anything.

But, in Holt’s defense, he was moderating two big personalities. Clinton has been in politics for the last 37 years, and Trump is a billionaire born with a silver spoon in his mouth. So, I too, would have ditched the post to take shots with the production crew.

“This was the most abnormal event I’ve ever witnessed,” Chuck Todd said after the debate.

Both candidates took some time talking about taxes, jobs, the economy, emails and the rest of the usual stuff. I, for one, felt like I got a better understanding of what Clinton’s plans are, while I still have no idea how Trump plans to stop ISIS or bring jobs back to the country. In all honesty, since he’s a pathological liar, he probably has no plan at all and is waiting to see if he wins; then he’ll gather his generals (as he says) and pick one of their plans. Who knows. Don’t get me wrong, not really a fan of Clinton either, but at the end of the day, the one more qualified and with a better temperament should be the next President.

Oh yeah, and there was a Monday Night Football game on ESPN. The Atlanta Falcons defeated the New Orleans Saints 45-32. You didn’t miss much. Drew Brees and the Saints are now 0-3. Yikes.







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