For the third straight season…

For the third straight season, the Indianapolis Colts start the year 0-2. For the third straight season Andrew Luck fails to deliver in the fourth quarter two Sundays in a row. And for the third straight season, Colts fans are asking themselves: “What the F—?”, as Indianapolis falls 34-20 to the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

IndyStar‘s Nat Newell sent the Twitter world this wonderful stat. Not quite sure if that helped Colts fans or made them feel worse. Either way, he’s not wrong. Either way, he proved there’s always hope, until there isn’t.


The Colts traveled to Denver to take on the Broncos at Mile High Stadium. Denver, led by Trevor Siemian and C.J. Anderson, marched the Broncos up and down the field for 400 yards. The Colts’ defense? Nearly non-existent. And it wasn’t any better on the offensive end.

The first half was ugly, especially for Luck.

And those were just the halftime stats. Yet, the Colts managed to stay in the game. They entered the locker room trailing 13-6. So things could have turned around in the second half. Even IndyStar’s Zak Keefer had hope, stating on Twitter: “One thing that’s always impressed me about Andrew Luck: He’ll have an awful half (like he just did), throw it away and find a way to win.”

Coming out of the half, the Colts marched down the field with the ball, scoring on a five yard sweep by Ryan Turbin. With 8:06 left in the third quarter, the game was tied, 13 all. After being stopped on 3rd-and-2, the Broncos would score on a field goal and then their defense would take over.

Luck struggled all day against the Broncos defense. and this drive late in the third was no different. Luck was picked off by Aquib Talib, who ran it back for a touchdown. At this point, Luck was just 8-for-23 and now with a pick and only 86 passing yards.

On the next scoring drive, the Colts scored with Luck finding Frank Gore who tip-toed into the end zone. This closed the gap to 23-20 with 4:02 left in the game.

This may have been the Colts’ best chance to build momentum and win the game. Then came Von Miller. Miller had been after Luck all afternoon. By the end of the game, he had sacked the QB three times, being only the fourth player to do so next to Chris Clemons, J.J. Watt and Mario Williams. In the final two minutes of the game, Miller sacked Luck and Shane Ray scored on the 15-yard TD return.  By games end, Luck was sacked five times.

The Broncos deflated the Colts offensively and defensively. The Colts were plagued with injuries and already had a weak secondary, which ultimately caught up with them. Indianapolis is not used to this. Indianapolis cannot take much more of this. Sunday’s loss left Colts fans wondering where owner Jim Irsay is going with this team. When will the Colts start winning again? Because all Colts Nation knows right now is 0-2.


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